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IR Remote Reference

The IR REMOTE is a general-purpose handheld remote control device that utilizes IR Pulse Code Modulation (PCM) to communicate to a customer-designed receiver. IR REMOTE is targeted at any application where remote control of basic commands like ON/OFF, UP, DOWN, MODE, BRIGHTER, DIMMER, FASTER, SLOWER, etc., would improve the product’s appeal to the end user. The unique appeal of this design is that it provides a professional looking and affordable remote control unit to those applications whose expected volumes would not allow for a full custom design.

You can download the following documents:

IR REMOTE Project Description/Overview IR_Remote_Proj_Desc_01.pdf (579kB)
IR REMOTE Detailed Project Description IR_REMOTE.pdf (612kB)
IR REMOTE Source Code Ir_remote_c.zip (15kB)
IR REMOTE Board Schematic Drawing IR_REMOTE_SCH.pdf (29kB)
IR REMOTE Board Assembly Drawing IR0001.pdf (151kB)
IR REMOTE Board Fabrication Files IR_REMOTE_PCB_FAB_FILES.zip (71kB)
IR REMOTE Unit Assembly Drawing IR1001.pdf (73kB)
IR REMOTE Enclosure Modification Drawing IR0101.pdf (56kB)
JTAG 14-pin to 10-pin Board Schematic Drawing CON14TO10_SCH.pdf (21kB)
JTAG 14-pin to 10-pin Board BOM CON14TO10_BOM.pdf (20kB)
JTAG 14-pin to 10-pin Board Assembly Drawing IR0002.pdf (38kB)
JTAG 14-pin to 10-pin Board Fabrication Files CON14TO10_PCB_FAB_FILES.zip (81kB)

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