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EPDDCS your virtual in-house product development team.       
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Electronic Product Design & Development Consulting Services ( EPDDCS ) provides product development engineering services. These services have spanned client requirements from the use of a single EE design consultant up to a complete multidiscipline (electrical, electronic, mechanical, & software) team. The personnel for these teams are drawn from local, full-time independent consulting engineers who have successfully worked together on multiple client projects in the past. This type of arrangement provides the client with a virtual in-house product development team but without the effort and financial commitment of finding and hiring experienced engineering specialists.

The EPDDCS product development team has considerable embedded microcontroller software development experience both in "C" and assembly. This includes software development for the highly regulated medical industry. EPDDCS has exclusively focused its embedded development efforts and expertise on "C" applications on the MSP430, Texas Instruments ultra-low-power, flash based, 16-bit RISC family of microcontrollers. EPDDCS has the full "C" software development tool chain for the MSP430 as well as all necessary test equipment. EPDDCS is listed as a 3rd Party Developer on the TI MSP430 website.

Electronic Product Design & Development Consulting Services:
  • Complete Engineering Documentation & Drawings
  • Consulting
  • Documentation Packages for Contract Assembly
  • Embedded Microcontroller Systems (Hardware & Software) utilizing TI Ultra Low Power MSP430
  • Fuzzy Logic & Neural Network based Control Systems
  • High Resolution & Low Noise Data Acquisition
  • Low Power, Battery Powered, & Portable Systems
  • Medical & Industrial Instrumentation
  • Mixed Analog and Digital Circuit Design
  • PCB Design and Layout (Thru Hole & SMT)
  • Power Electronics
  • Product Design & Development Engineering Services
  • Proof-of-Concept Prototypes to Final Manufacturable Products
  • Reduced EMI/RFI Emission & Susceptibility
  • Signal Processing Algorithms
  • Temperature Measurement & Control
  • Test Fixture Design
  • Transducer Interfacing
  • Turn Key Development
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Download a capability list and resume to review. EPDDCS_Capability_List_and_Resume_v05.pdf (46kB)

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