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Control Panel Board (Front)

The control panel mounts inside the home near the front door or close to the security system control cabinet. The MSP430 drives a custom 8-character alphanumeric LCD. It also interfaces with an elastomer keypad, drives a piezo beeper, drives the LCD backlight, and communicates with the valve. The control panel assigns the network addresses for each node (i.e. valve). The network map is kept in Flash memory. The display provides an indication of current water flow (if any) in the house and the system has the resolution to detect pinhole size leaks in the pipes although this threshold is user adjustable. The control panel board can also interface with an external security system. Low power consumption, integrated LCD driving capability, plus Flash memory were key requirements met by the MSP430. Overall cost effectiveness of the MSP430 as well as its well-developed tool chain, debugging capability, and “C” friendly architecture contributed to this design win.

Control Panel Board (Back)


For additional information on the FloLogic System 3.0 see www.flologic.com
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